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Get ready to be WAXXED with the potent Indica Blazing Grape Smash from Waxx Barz, and dream the night away.
Start your Sunday funday with the Sativa Lucid Lime Burst from Waxx Barz and get ready to feel energized and focused.
Buckle up and prepare for lift-off with the Indica Moon Mintz from Waxx Barz and experience creamy undertones that are out of this world.
Take a hit of the Hybrid Papaya Bomb from Waxx Barz and feel creative, hungry, and chill, perfect for cruising along PCH.
Pass around the Indica joint from Waxx Barz at Woodstock and feel euphoric, relaxed, and tingly with your friends.
Slurp the Strawberry Slush Sativa-dominant Hybrid from Waxx Barz and feel euphoric, hungry, and uplifted on a warm spring day.
Dip into the Indica Watermelon Blast from Waxx Barz and feel euphoric, happy, and relaxed by the poolside.
Slice into the scrumdiddlyumptious Wedding Cake Hybrid from Waxx Barz and feel aroused, hungry, and relaxed, perfect for celebrating the big day.
Waxx Barz products are developed with the connoisseur in mind, single-sourced and manufactured in-house, catering to the everyday cannabis consumer. Welcome to the Waxx family!

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