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We are stiiizy, an innovative, award-winning, California-based cannabis brand. Founded in 2017 as a pioneering
vape company, stiiizy has evolved into so much more. Today, stiiizy is fast becoming one of the world’s most
treasured cannabis brands with its class defining retail stores and amazing new cannabis products like Liiit,
stiiizy’s super-potent indoor flower, and Biiit, our delicious new line of THC infused edibles. Always innovating,
always inspiring, always influencing. That’s us. Let’s take it to new heights.

Stiiizy pods flavors include

Watermelon Z (I) Mimosa (S)| Wedding Cake (H)| GG4 (H)| OG Kush (I)| Grape Sorbet (I)| Sour Diesel (S)| Gelato (H)| Chemdawg (H)| Sour Cookies (H)| SFV OG (I)| Skywalker OG (I)| Biscotti (I)| Hardcore OG (I)| OG Kush (I)| Purple Punch (I)| Blue Dream (S)| Strawberry Cough (S)| Sour Tangie (S)| Premium Jack (S)| Sour Diesel (S)| Gelato (H) Pineapple Express (H)Granddaddy Purp (H| Do-Si-Dos (H)| Strawnana (H)| Birthday Cake (H)| Blue Burst (H)| Mango (1:1 THC/CBD)| Juicy Melon (1:1 THC/CBD)

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    Stiiizy Pods
    Stiiizy Pods
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